If two heads are better than one, just imagine what 15 can do...


Let's face it, you're pretty awesome...

Because you’re here that means you’re a go-getter... a hustler… a decision-maker. You’re awesome at what you do and that’s why you do it. But it feels like you’re missing a piece to the puzzle – in business, life or anywhere in between (does work-life balance even exist anymore?).

Fret no more, you’re in the right place. As part of my Vistage group, you’ll maximize your decision-making abilities, feel calm and content, while being completely unstoppable. Sounds pretty good right? 

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What exactly is Vistage?

Vistage brings together groups of successful executives in varying industries in Northern Colorado and across the globe in a peer-to-peer setting. 

The goal is simple: make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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Peer Advisory Groups

In a trusted, confidential setting unique to Vistage groups, executives from diverse, non-competing industries meet once a month to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

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CEO Mentoring

As your chair, I'm your objective business advisor. I provide a space for you to listen and trust your intuition to take action and see your greatness so that the world around you can be impacted. 

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Expert Resource Speakers

Vistage resource speakers are leading experts in all aspects of business and life. We deliver professional guidance, new ideas and real-world learning in interactive workshops.

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Proprietary Research

Our research curates content from our community and collaborates with the top minds in business to create thoughtful analyses that help you prepare your organization for the future.

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23,000 Members in 21 Countries

Tap into the network of 22,000 all over the world to share, vet, create and solve. You've never had a resource at your fingertips like this community! Powerful.

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Vistage Networks

In a family business? In construction? Enjoy golf? Like to travel? Whatever your business or personal passion, there's probably a network of other Vistage members that share it - here's a place to connect on topics you care about in a smaller, robust community.


Like what you're hearing?

Awesome! Let's chat about what your Vistage experience will look like. 


I'm Nancy Haboush...    

Executive coach, Vistage Chair and your biggest cheerleader.  

Clients hire me to be a witness to their journey. To help them reflect on what matters to them and provide clarity to the choices they’re making and keep them true to their commitments.

So what do I do? I listen. I honor the life you’re living. I provide a space for you to listen and trust your intuition to take action and see your greatness so that the world around you can be impacted.


Client Reviews

I joined Nancy Haboush’s Vistage group and enrolled in monthly coaching sessions with her shortly after moving from Massachusetts to Colorado to be the President of a company for the first time. Nancy holds the ideal balance between encouraging and challenging me, helping me to identify and overcome patterns of thinking and behavior that are holding me back from my full potential as a leader. Vistage and my coaching sessions with Nancy are the best professional development investment I’ve ever made!
— Nate, Fort Collins
I’ve greatly enjoyed being a member of Vistage. As a first-time manager, it’s been extremely helpful to have a group of experienced, diverse people that help me see challenges from a variety of different perspectives. These perspectives force me to consider all possible solutions and help me to make decisions that are thoughtful and impactful.
— Madison, Fort Collins